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Health & Fitness

Elevate your well-being through easy exercises designed for a healthier, happier life. Feel the positive impact on both body and mind as you embrace a fitness routine tailored for your comfort.

Weight Loss and Slimming

Burn calories, increase metabolic rate, and promote fat loss through a high-intensity interval training approach combined with targeted yoga postures.

Stress and Disease Management

Discover simple yet effective techniques to manage stress and fortify your body against diseases. Prioritize your well-being with practices that promote resilience and a balanced lifestyle.

Body Care and Pain Relief

Ease into comfort with our gentle exercises and soothing techniques. Whether you seek relief from aches or desire a rejuvenating routine, discover the path to a pain-free and revitalized body.

Meditation and Yoga Nidra

Calm your mind and recharge with accessible meditation and soothing Yoga Nidra sessions. Unlock the serenity within, fostering mindfulness and tranquility in your daily life.

Personalized 1-1 and Group

Experience tailored wellness journeys through our personalized 1-1 and group yoga classes, guided to nurture your unique needs, fostering balance, strength, and tranquility within.

Corporate and Social Events

Empower your team with our invigorating corporate yoga classes, fostering wellness and productivity in the workplace.

Diet and Recipes

Explore a world of healthy eating with our curated diet plans and delicious recipes, designed to nourish your body and tantalize your taste buds.

Supported and Encouraged Community

Supported, encouraged, and part of a community that fosters accountability, motivation, and a shared commitment to managing stress and disease, offering unwavering support for your well-being journey.

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Experience Yoga in Diverse Settings

*Home classes are available only in Noida in ATS, ACE and Pari Chowk nearby

From 93 KG to 65 KG: A Journey to Becoming a Yoga Teacher - Ajeet Yadav's Story, Founder of Ajeet Yoga

You will feel

Enhanced Flexibility and Range of Motion

An enhanced range of motion, increased joint mobility, and improved flexibility, resulting in a more fluid and flexible body.

Fat Burning and Enhanced Metabolic Function

Improved metabolic function, increased fat burning, and a boost in energy levels as you incorporate targeted practices to optimize your body's natural processes.

Relieved Stress and Healed Diseases

Walk away feeling not just relaxed, but with a renewed sense of well-being, as the healing power of yoga works to restore balance and vitality within you.

Deeply Rested and Reduced Pain

Deeply rested, reduced pain, and refreshed as you experience profound relaxation, improved sleep quality, and overall mental and physical restored.

Improved Mental Clarity and Sharpened Focus

Heightened mental clarity, sharpened focus, and an improved ability to concentrate as you incorporate dedicated meditation practices into your routine.

Unlock the Full Potential of this Class

Elevate your journey with specialized practices, tailored guidance, and transformative benefits that optimize your health, well-being, and fitness goals.

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Yoga Teacher & Dietitian

Ajeet Yadav is a skilled teacher who is dedicated to facilitating complete transformation in his clients' lives. Ajeet's philosophy at Ajeet Yoga centers around helping his clients overcome challenges and find joy in every moment of life.

Platinum Teacher Appreciation Award (7th IYD)

By Yoga Certification Board, Ministry of Ayush, Government of India

Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga

Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri National Sanskrit University, New Delhi

Certificate Course in Yoga for Protocol Instructor

Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, Delhi

Certificate in Food and Nutrition

By Dr Asna Urooj, University of Mysore

Shangri-La 5-star luxury hotels, New Delhi

Internship in various kitchens, focused on making recipe and diet for clients

Know Your Teacher

Certified Yoga Instructor

By Yoga Certification Board, Ministry of Ayush, Government of India

Certificate in Fitness Management

By Dr. M. Chourjit, Manipur University

A 95-Year-Young Mr. VP Sachdev's Yoga Journey: Transforming Lives with Ajeet Yoga

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-Expert guidance and support from experienced yoga teacher and instructor

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1999 ₹/Month

For other one to one class pricing contact us at 0120 4998716

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this class suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Our classes are designed for individuals of all fitness levels, including beginners. Our expert instructors will provide guidance and modifications based on your needs.

What should I bring to the class?

Please bring a yoga mat, comfortable workout clothing, a water bottle, and a positive attitude!

How can I contact you for more information?

For any inquiries or questions, feel free to reach out to us at contact@ajeetyoga.com or call 0120 4998716/9212357021

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